Here are some photos by Richard Insall of the town of Stamford in Lincolnshire Famous for the band Midget Daniel Lambert The George Hotel and the film Middlemarch I include a page about Peterborough Climbing Wall and various local celebrities including Midget who are Richard Gombault Andy Hawkins and Lee Major There are pages for Steve Andrews Sarah Cadman Nicola Cadman Steve Crooks Dario Diovisalvi Tim Fowler Simon Gregory Richard Insall Martin Smith Cyril Stiff and Funk Master Wu Li Also Lawson Photographic and Quayhole Kates better known as Quayholes get a mention

Stamford from the north

Stamford from the south

Stamford from the meadows

Wothorpe ruin

Ketton cement works/toxic waste incinerator


The unfortunately named Quayhole Kates is probably Stamford's best all-round night spot. Definitely the most comfortable and accommodating. There are two bars downstairs, another upstairs and a separate dancefloor with two further bars.

The meadows

Barn Hill

Barn hill clinic

The mid-lent fair on Bath Row viewed from the meadows

If it's fair week it must be raining. It's traditional. The fair takes over Bath Row, Broad Street, Red Lion Square and Sheepmarket, giving pleasure to thousands and a headache to a few. Imagine living on Bath Row with the rides a few feet from your door. No fun at all. Still, it's only one week of the year isn't it.

Red Lion Square on any new year's eve

Red Lion Square is on the main road through town, in fact the old A1. This is where the Saturday market takes place each week, site of the former Lawson Photographic and also the place where the pissed masses congregate at midnight on New Year's Eve. The police close the square off with barriers and monitor the proceedings with a video camera from the upstairs window of Dawson's jewellers. Chilli Masters and the Burger House are open till 5am

Burghley House front and back

Burghley House and Burghley Park are open to the public and in September, the Park is home to the annual festival of international animal abuse called Burghley Horse Trials, although it is unclear what offences the horses have committed to require them to be tried this way

Blue-green algae on Rutland Water
Is no longer a problem

Little Casterton Road

Another Clay Badger outrage

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